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Last modified 09/16/2014 (Please scroll down and Click on link" 40525 Albrae street  is not comparable and lease able. ")

Modified on MAY 19, 2014

TO the attention of Customers: Please be informed that 2 days ago, I have been informed, then I got a  legal papers, alleging that I have to pay PG&E bills other than Landlord. I find-out, their problems should be deeper than this. So I quitted my Business Premises Voluntary on 05/18/2014 and closed Business in 40525 Albrae Street. I closed my Phone, Fax Merchant Account, U-Verse Internet services with AT&T and finally I filed renew Trial. You may contact Phone # (510)-938-6612 or Email to:

Please ad (rug) in subject box of your Email, otherwise it will be deleted as Junk Email.

"" is closing its relocated Store at: 40525 Albrae Street (Entrance door is faced to Wal-Mart*) Fremont, California.

05/11/2014: Please visit Helping Community, If it does not work click on how to buy. I am checking each day, if it does not work that one too I up Date the page.

For more information in unrelated issues to rug, Please give me time untill after 05/06/2014,

 which I am allowed to talk more about it!

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in visiting an internet presence of "Bay Area Rugs Gallery".

"Rug on Sale" is committed providing you with the best possible Oriental rugs on base prices. Please remember "" = "SAVE ON SALE". * "See please bottom of this page"

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Bay Area Rugs Gallery

"Bay area rugs" helps Area rug makers and Area rug users share their hopes and happiness together and put hands on hands . We make it happened.

RUG ON SALE dedicates providing you, with the best possible Area rugs on based price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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The "BAY AREA" needs "AREA RUGS"

Please note that:-I Vulontary closed relocated Store at 40525 Albrae St. For more information please Email

 Evidences and Exhibits that 10'000 SQF. of 40525 Albrae Street is not comparable and Lease-able to retailer "". 40525 Albrae street  is not comparable and lease able.    Tenancy, Why you are here?   Tenancy: I called 911 by lease against trespassers    Tenancy: 6010 Stevenson BLVD #109 10.23.13 Going Out of 6010 Stevenson BLVD #109 to:    Who is the OWNER? APIC, or DAVID LEE YUNG? Please GO  Tenancy; Go Please   Tenancy: Desamber 07, 2014 Pools top of roof  Tenancy: I thank Mr. Brusli, Fire Dept. of Fremont City    Tenancy: APIC pushed for Month to Month as is Lease    Tenancy; Did I moved these without APIC permition?  Tenancy; will you sign month to month Lease ?     Tenancy: No signature for lease, because;  Tenancy: M.B.Trailer to be relocated   Tenancy: in not comparabl Premises  Tenancy on not comparable premisses      MAH01313MovFrom6010StevTo40525Albrae    Temporary move on promise & lease agreement.    Why you are here?   Relocating to 40525 Albrae Street. 12/04/2013   Tenancy: APIC pushs to sign Month to Month as is lease.    Going Out of 6010 Stevenson BLVD #109 to:  Tenancy: Date Correcting 4 Sony Camera in Frize  That is OK. This is your property! what Elss?     Tenancy: 6010 Stevenson BLVD #109 Fremont.   All are wet  Rented Uhaul Tracks and Trailers





*We did vacant the 2nd store because of Southland Mall Management Fault. For more information please

call 510 687 1550 By selecting one of the following options and clicking on it or submit button, you

will direct to specific section: 



* "This web site has been updated 08/09/2012 & 08/10/2012. I, Ghobad Zareh Sadeghi am the only owner and the only responsible. Any "we" means "I" "


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