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BAY AREA RUGS GALLERY and it's Internet presence www.rugonsale.com  does referral services to facilitate rug market and increase understanding the procedure of origin, place of producing, history of migratory, flooring destination and finally how a rug can find historical concept? If you are interested in historical concept of some rugs, so please E-mail us. info@rogonsale.com

Our referral services has been provided to you in "as is" condition. BAY AREA RUGS GALLERY and www.rugonsale.com has no control on referred Stores, Web Sites, Products, Services, Documents and Data, or on Affiliates and Third Parties. BAY AREA RUGS GALLERY and www.rugonsale.com does not intended to benefit from this services, except improving it's services to better serve customers. You agree that you are on your own to use of this services and BAY AREA RUGS GALLERY and www.rugonsale.com, it's affiliates and partners are not responsible in any way.

Whether you are interested for, or using a rug, you need Basic information that we have providing you on our rug info/section. If you need more information we will refer you to origin documents prepared by individuals with special study or institutes like universities, Libraries and Museums.

Please click your desired picture to enlarge or click our E-mail address for description. (After viewing, right click on your mouse, then click Back option, to return this page.)


Borhan L. and Ghobad R. Persian rug specialists in Europ and US. admin@rugonsale.com

Mojtaba L. is talking about Europan rug market trend to an employee. admin@rugonsale.com

Color of this rug is not good. Visa to export is rejected! admin@rugonsale.com

Ali Bozatly owner of " Golden Horn" a Seattel WA. rug retailer Jn Iran. 1984-85. admin@rugonsale.com

We may also refer you to shopping centers, Galleries and stores near you if we don't have your interest rugs in our stock. Does our services meet your needs? Please send us your comment if any at: info@rugonsale.com


Rug on sale does referral services to introduce individuals, Retailers, wholesalers, Study Institutions, Auctions, Exhibitions, Galleries and/or their products and services, etc...., in full web pages or as a link to their web sites, stores or location close to you. This services are subject to block, move, remove, close, delete, deactivate, cancel and discontinue or terminate at any time with no responsibility and liability to you, them and third party, with or without notice to you or to them, to keep Rug on sale alive safe and reliable to its users and public.


Whether you are wholesaler or  rug retailer, willing to visit and select your annual inventory or list of rugs. We can help you to do so. Just send us an E-mail at: info@rugonsale.com . We will get back you with detail information to help you.


There is a long one way street, from creating an art wise oriental rug and hanging it on the wall for visual views or using it as a decorative material. We change one way street to two way street, physically, materially, culturally and financially.

We usually encourage our retail customers to visit personally the producers community, where we provide them with information, facilitate the communication, selection, purchasing, transaction and custom related affairs.

We also ask rug producer individuals and organizations to visit consumer community to understand what and how is the market trend and demand.

Here in California trend of rug market demand has been changed from wall to wall carpeting to Granite, Ceramic and Hard Wood with a new or an Old/Antique oriental rug on top.


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