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Home flooring demand in BAY AREA has changed from wall to wall carpeting to HARD WOOD, TILL, GRANITE, CERAMIC with an PERSIAN HAND MADE ALL WOOL and SILK AREA RUGS on top. We are "". We carry Hand Made and Machine Made Oriental Rugs in different materials "Wool, Silk, Cotton", Style "New & Old", design "Traditional & Contemporary", Size: "Doormat, Rectangle, Round, Oval & Custom Runner 3'x5' 4'x6' 5'x8' 6'x9' 7'x10' 8'x11' & Over Sized Rugs from all over the world. We are also seller of fine Furniture, Mattress, Porcelain and Home Accessories, all new in box and out door to pick-up by Customer.

2'x4' rug $79 3'x8' rug $139 4'x6' rug $149 5'x8' rug $295 9'x12' rug $575

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item#: 101jb0dhm7hegkhwty5r5lo6

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item#: 1yd9na8zr5ow1p95flnrd7j7jwn

item#: xh250veo5h76vucbqtmre8lbwn

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item#: xi0368fqyef2sl7j03dmhpzb0n

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item#: 2pbo7s04vb9plcc08tdrq9v3udj

item#: 14uxn79f494pcu4ei0uyak9i7

item#: 1o3n953fweoad1yupwouk9pmtwrjb5

item#: 8kyng7yjphk0w9dfnauoam7um

To purchase Fine Area Rugs, Furniture, Mattress,, Porcelain and Home Accessories, Please Call us at: (510) 687 1550 or visit our store" RUG ON SALE" located at: 6010 Stevenson BLVD (Unit #109), Fremont CA 94538Please have your Style, Size, Design & Color handy and bring your Samples to match and come with your love one to choose from verity of New Home Style and finally SAVE ON SALE