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We are rug market supplier in USA. Well known Internationally on the rug market over than 40 years and oriented in US rug market since 1984.

Please click to enlarge AWBs. (After viewing right click on your mouse, then click Back to return this page.)

Juneau, AL. 1984 AWB # 096 8101 3416. Exporter: G. Sadeghi. Importer: P. Fisher. info@rugonsale.com

Seattle, WA.: 1985 AWB #: 085 7542 4053. Exporter: G. Sadeghi. Importer: Golden Horn. info@rugonsale.com

Ottavaa, Canada: 1985 AWB # 220 2433 4774 Exporter: G. Sadeghi. Importer: A. A. Sabor. info@rugonsale.com

WHAT WE DO?                                How to buy Rug?

We do rug business. We know the Rug and we talk rug language. Please click pictures to enlarge. (After viewing right click on your mouse, then click Back to return this page.)

Exporter, Importer, Employees and Repairs all together with a cup of tea. info@rugonsale.com

Some rugs need to be repaired. Experts and rugs repairs are working in work shop. info@rugonsale.com

We take care of our business, even with a stone, to fix a nonfixed lable. info@rugonsale.com

This rug is in a perfect condition and is labling to be exported. info@rugonsale.com

Consultation to repair and recreate an old antique carpet to be alive. info@rugonsale.com

After hard working a day long, everybody need to have a cup of tea. info@rugonsale.com

We travel to major cities and rug producer communities and on based of our customers orders, we shop around and choose the best rugs from.



Study and research is an apart section  of our business. Customer demand in

 size, color, style, design, are in our special interest.

We also study origin of woven and quality of row materials to insure

quality of rugs.



We collaborate in rug related with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, Interior designers and commissioners to facilitate the rug market.

We also collaborate with institutes, organizations, educational research and forecasting entities to improve the quality of rugs in today’s market.



We buy, sell and do commission, most often we do import/export the rugs. We also buy, sell and repurchase our sold rugs, few percent less than our sold  or appraised prices.



We collect the rugs, not only the old and antique rugs, but the new ones that are special in size, color, design, style and quality.

These rugs may include historical and memorable themes or unique in woven and knotted. If you have one of these indicated rugs, please contact us at: info@rugonsale.com                                         How to buy Rug?