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How to buy Rug?

Welcome Rug on sale (ROS) and thank you for your interest in visiting www.rugonsale.com.

ROS is committed to providing you with the best possible oriental rugs on base prices, whether online or offline.

We have designed rug on sale as an online and offline shopping center for shoppers seeking unique designed, vegetable dyed, new or old/antique oriental rugs.

You can trust our products and services whether online or offline. Just type in your E-mail dialog box: "ata@rugonsale.com or click on our E-mail address info@rugonsale.com, and type selected code or describe Your desired design, color, style and Size, then click send.

We will E-mail you info/pictures of your selected rugs or described one. If we don't have your desired rug, we will refer you to right place near you for free, there is no obligation.

If you decide to chose  one or more of our beautiful, well designed, natural dyed hand made Rugs, then we accept credit card, cashier check, money order and of course your personnel check.

We usually ship the orders upon clearance. Thank you again for visiting rugonsale.com. please continue to enjoy.

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 How to buy Rug?