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Name: Ghiordes Rug. Origin: Ghiordes-Turkish. Back Ground Color Red. Boarder Color: Cream/Red. Design: Geometric. Code T875474-gh4. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com


Name: Sivas Rug. Origin: Sivas-Turkish. Back Ground Color Cream. Boarder Color: Cream. Design: Medallion. Code: T875474-S48. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com


Name: Kirsahir Rug. Origin: Kirsahir-Turkish. Back Ground Color Red. Boarder Color: Green. Design: Medallion. Code: T875474-K47. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com


Name: Hareke Rug. Origin: Hareke-Turkish. Back Ground Color Blue. Boarder Color: Red.Design:M/one/side. Code: T875474-H27. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com


Name: Ladik Rug. Origin: Ladik-Turkish. Back Ground Color Cream. Boarder Color: Cream. Design: Mehrabi. Code: T875474-L25. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com


Name: Kars Rug. Origin: Kars-Turkish. Back Ground Color V/Red. Boarder Color: Cream.Design: 2 Medallion. Code: T875474-K27. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com


Name: Megri Rug. Origin: Megri-Turkish. Back Ground Color Blue/Red/Green. Boarder Color: Cream. Design: Miscelanious Code: T875474-M34. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com


Name: Kayseri Rug. Origin: Kayseri-Turkish. Back Ground Color Blue. Boarder Color: Brown. Design: All Over. Code: T875474-K29. Price: On demand. sale@rugonsale.com

 How to buy Rug?

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